BWLA is committed to promoting excellence in the profession and encouraging the inclusion of African-American attorneys in law firms, the judiciary, governmental agencies and corporations. Become a BWLA member and join us in this cause!

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BWLA bar year is from July 2023 to July 2024. Any payments made in between those months will be applied to the current bar year in which dues payment is received. No refunds or reapplications will be permitted without  expressed permission from the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors have discretion to decide each incident individually and on its own merits.

Membership Options


$1,500.00 (oNE-tIME fEE)

Individual duly licensed to practice law and in good standing in the bar.



Individual duly licensed to practice law and in good standing in the bar.



Free membership for first year after admittance to the Bar.



Individual not licensed to practice law, but completed the study of law and received a JD or equivalent.



Individual working in a legal setting as a paralegal.



Individual currently registered for and engaged in the study of law at any college, university or school of law.

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BWLA Scholarship Fund Donation

Tax-exempt donation supports annual scholarship awards to law students.
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BWLA Operating Expense Donation

Supports funding for community service events and other BWLA programming.

BWLA Member Hardship Donation

Supports BWLA membership for unemployed/underemployed black woman lawyer.

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